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  1. I On U (Bonus Track) Lyrics: Let me style, huh? / Alright, let’s try it right here, in the song / (Let’s get down to business) / Kay, sounds mad villain, huh? / (Wuh-buh-buh-buh-buh-bum.
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  3. Jul 27,  · BONUS TRACK is a badge in BEAR. It was added in with week 4 of the Weekly Update Event. How to obtain. You must be in the map Haunted Mansion. Go to the dirt room between the Red Room and the basement. Enter through the invisible wall to the room where you obtain the badge Do the Brew. Look under the table you find in that room, and you'll see a code.
  4. High on your supply High on your supply High on your supply Tell yourself another lie You're cooler than these sycophants Wanna be part of the show It's hard to hear, but oh so clear You're not in on the joke I'm only here because I care I know it's a lonely road I knew you when we had nothin' And that's why I don't blow smoke Babe, you got.
  5. Chief Keef – Kobe (Finally Rich bonus track) I love that song so much, the beat is incredibly good and his flow is dope, he fell off hard. May 2nd, DeeezNuutz. 1,
  6. The concept of "bonus tracks" actually began in the cassette era. LP albums (which predate cassettes as well as CDs) have a limited amount of time available on each side; cassettes can be made in a much wider range of durations for minimal add.

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